One-of-a-kind rides for all ages, that promise to take your breath away!



Can you handle…shaking? Ride Tagada and spin, in all directions, to the beat of the most popular, mainstream songs! Tagada: the ride you can’t get enough of!


Are you cut out for a great adventure? Do you enjoy speed? Get on our rollercoaster, hang on tight, and trek down 14-meter-long downslopes! Don’t blink – allow yourself tofeel the centrifugal power at each twist and turn! It will be over before you know it!


Take a deep breath, relax, and brace yourself for flying at four times the acceleration of gravity, reaching 40 meters above the ground! If you find out that 4G is your thing, you might want to look into becoming an actual astronaut!

Crazy Dance

Feel like dancing…like crazy? If you’re proud of your dance moves, it’s time you put them to the test! We’ll spin you right round, again, and again! If you make it through this ride, then there’s nothing that you can’t really do!

Baby Cart

Our little friends can now experience racing atop these kid-sized bikes!

Giant Slide

Gather your friends and slide down the largest slide in Greece – 35 meters long, 6 lanes wide! That’s really what they call a giant slide!

Flying Swing

Time to swing – a bit different than usual! Get on Flying Swing, and really feel like you’re flying! Swerve artfully as you move further up the ground, and move round and round again! Don’t close your eyes – enjoy your flying experience to the fullest!


Want to feel like a true pirate?Discover just how high up in the air our rocking pirate ship’s bow and stern can reach, but, worry not, you’re safe: there are no sharks in sight!

Ferris Wheel

Enjoy a panoramic view of Thessaloniki, 25 meters above the ground! Feel light as a feather, and rotate your car, to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its outskirts. A classic, and much beloved ride.


Hop on our amazing, two-story carousel, pick your horse and carriage, and get ready for a fairytale ride. And they lived happily ever after…


Grab your cannon, load it with as much ammo possible, and start shooting in all directions! We’ll be taking cover!

Bumping Cars

Hit the floor with your very own bumping car, put the pedal to the medal, reverse, swerve, and – be careful! Bump, before you get bumped! Well, even if you do get bumped, it’s okay – anything goes in this crazy ride! Will you be the best driver on the floor?

Ghost Ride

If you are not afraid of ghosts, this train is for you! Sit on the wagon, get into the absolute darkness that hides surprises, but do not be afraid! You are a big kid, you do not believe in the ghosts…

Bruco Mela

Can’t ride the big train? No big deal! Just let this mighty caterpillar take you on an awesome ride!

Flume Ride

Have you always wanted to go rafting? Well, here’s your chance! Sit inside Flume Ride’s tree log and go on a fast trip down two waterfalls, and land straight into a pool! Are you ready?

Flying Elephants

Can elephants fly? Sure they can! We’re not crazy – we really do have flying elephants in this park!


For our little friends , choose one of our many vehicles (truck ,jeep , firetruck e.t.c.)

Safari Train

Our little friends revel in a unique safari experience, joining several jungle animals in their mighty parade!

Mini Flume Ride

Too young to ride Flume Ride? No problem! Enjoy its mini version, and, before you know it, you’ll be ready for the real thing, too!

Baby Land

Ring around the rosie, in one of the park’s most popular attractions! Because the world belongs to babies!

Mini Carousel

We have a mini version of our beloved Carousel, for our mini-sized friends, who are too young to get on the adult-sized ride!

Baby Land

Ring around the rosie, in one of the park’s most popular attractions! Because the world belongs to babies!

Horse Races*

Giddy up! Race against your friends, and try to be the one to reach the finish line first, to win awesome prizes, in what will definitely an awesome match!


For those loving classic amusement park games, and those that take pride in their shooting accuracy, shooting makes for the ultimate skill-testing game! Pick up your gun of choice, point, take a deep breath, and fire away! Just be careful not to shoot us!

 German Shooting*

Welcome to the Wild West! Shoot at the electronic targets located all across this cowboy-themed range, and see how saloon patrons will react to your spree! You’ll be surprised!

Arcade Games*

Show them who’s the boss! Score the most points in air hockey, throw in as many hoops as you can while on a time limit, and win the most points on our collection of classic arcade games!

Ring toss*

How many rings can you stack on each bottleneck? We thought it’d be easy, but, alas, it’s not!

Fishing Ducks*

Go fishing for these bobbing ducks and tally your score to win great prizes! Quack!

Tip Top*

Focus, point, and shoot your ball, and try to take down as many cans as you can! It’s not as easy as you might think – there’s plenty of them in each stack!

*The use of skill games , requires extra payment.